spam checks for per settings differ

Wed Jun 25 16:54:06 IST 2003



I am testing out having per user settings and it works fine when an email is
sent to just 1 user.  However if an email is sent to 2 users at the same
domain, To: and CC: and one user is configured to have spam checks and one
is not then MailScanner takes the action of the To: user and ignores any
settings for the user in the CC:.  Is it designed to do it that way?  Is the
action only taken on the user/domain in the to: field with the cc /bcc
ignored? Also what about if 2 users are in the To: field, what action is
taken( I didn't have a chance to test that one).  BTW I know all of that is
confusing I hope you understand what I am explaining. :-)





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