New version F-prot out ...

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jun 25 07:35:46 IST 2003


F-PROT Antivirus for Linux, version 4.1.0

>From the CHANGED:

Version 4.1.0 contains various bugfixes and improvements to the
and software.

o       Proxy support added to Updater
o       Various bugfixes made to the Preloadable Library Call Wrapper. It now
        works under Red Hat Linux 9. Although a workaround is needed to get
        around a bug in the NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) shipped with
        Red Hat Linux 9. To get around the bug, you must circumvent the version
        of libc inside /lib/tls/ and use the one in /lib/<arch>/ instead by
        defining the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL environment variable as "2.4.19".
        LD_ASSUME_KERNEL="2.4.19" LD_PRELOAD="/usr/local/f-prot/tools/" smbd -D

Tested it on two of my systems, works just fine.


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