Perl MIME error?

Tim Tyler tyler at
Tue Jun 24 20:38:37 IST 2003

  Mailscanner experts,
   We are still running mailscanner 2.6 on an IBM aix
system.  We just upgraded our aix server from 4.3.3 to
5.1.0.  We also upgraded perl5.6.0 up to 5.6.1.  Now when we
try to run mailscanner, it fails.  It gives us the following
   Can't locate MIME/ in @INC
Then it runs a bunch of compile errors related to not
finding MimeBase64 related files.
   We did not upgrade the perl Mime/base64.  Do we need to
upgrade Mime/base64?  What is required from a Perl
perpective to get mailscanner 2.6.x running again?
  Thanks! -tim

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer

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