Outbound Mail Scanning

S Mohan smohan at VSNL.COM
Fri Jun 20 04:20:31 IST 2003

AFAIK, Mailscanner does not touch any header other than Subject. Header
writing, IP address rewrites would be the MTA's job. Suggest you explore
sendmail options and not Mailscanner. For avoiding spam scan, you can
make a rule set by identifying From address containing your domain
(assuming this is enforced). You can force your domain name in sendmail
using masquerade facility. If not, you can try local IP in rules (I
remember having seen IP address in rules somewhere). I may be wrong

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Is there a recommend way to setup Mail Scanner for outbound scanning?
Specifically, I don't think we need spam scanning on the outbound, I'd
also like to strip some headers if possible - or at least re-write the
private IP and helo part which Outlook Express puts our local users
machine name in. Any tips?

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