MailWatch 0.2

Martin Hepworth maxsec at TOTALISE.CO.UK
Tue Jun 17 11:21:46 IST 2003


thanks for this..

Right now I'm up to my ears in moving half the company from two
buildings down to one (include a server room move!). But once I've
completed this (4 weeks) I'll give you a shout and see if I scrub up my
php/mysql skills and help out if you want.

I'm trying to get rid of Clearswift's MimeSweeper product as it's a
complete sod to manage/upgrade etc so I'll figure out what extra
features I really need from it and then I'll pop them over to see if we
can work on them together..

(at home)

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Answers to your questions:
> 1) It logs mail information into the DB, such as Message ID, From, To,
> Subject, SA Reports, Viruses found etc. *except* the message body and
> attachments.  The information is used purely for reporting purposes only.
> At the moment the only way to clean the database out is to manually delete
> the data by writing an SQL statement to do so.  I had planned to put some
> features in eventually to housekeep the database after a certain period/size
> to condense the detail data into summary data, but that won't appear for a
> while yet as all the reports will need to be re-written and will take a bit
> of planning first.
> 2) You can already look around your data using the 'Message Listing' report
> - but this doesn't enable you to release mails from quarantine because the
> actual message is not contained in the database.  I will be looking at
> introducing a feature to be able to read the quaratine files from
> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine and release then in a future version.
> Kind regards,
> Steve.
> --
> Steve Freegard
> Systems Manager
> Littlehampton Book Services Ltd.

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