MailScanner with Trend Micro

Krishna Krishna_shekhar at GMX.NET
Tue Jun 17 10:00:18 IST 2003

        I got trend installed now and works alright without MailScanner.
There is a small fix for it
see here

I am using SpamAssassin with procmail. I don' t think I need MailScanner
since SpamAssassin is executed by procmail for every incoming mail and is
currently reading user preferences from a
SQL database and now recently switched to Trend.


At 02:48 PM 6/16/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm not try to be rude but, isn't Trend Micro Viruswall gateway already
>catching your SMTP, HTTP, and FTP Internet traffic? If so the all you need
>is for Mailscanner to kick spam.  I'm no expert, but wouldn't Trend Micro's
>ServerProtect be closer to what you want to use (possibly cheaper)?

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