Steve Douglas steve.douglas at SBIINCORPORATED.COM
Tue Jun 17 08:01:34 IST 2003

Due to a total failure and McAfee blowing up last week I rebuilt my
gateway again over the weekend.  I have RedHat v9, installed all the
perl modules recommended by the MailScanner Quick Install notes, and
installed the "rpm" of MailScanner.  I have completely turned the IP
tables off.  When ever I audit the gateway, I show the correct ports
open for other services.  However, I am unable to show port 25 for
nothing.  My mailsend is configured with forwarding to my private email
server under applicable domain names.

Am I missing something?  I have done everything by the book, but am
missing something here.  If I perform a netstat -top and nothing shows
up in the way of MailScanner nor sendmail.  Something is deadly wrong.

When I issue the "check_mailscanner (with debug activated) I receive the

Starting MailScanner...

In Debugging mode,  not forking...

Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks

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