MailScanner Restarting every 5 minutes

kfliong kfliong at WOFS.COM
Mon Jun 16 04:20:03 IST 2003

Most of the spams are being sent using a bogus email account. So, if you
set your mailscanner to bounce spams, then you will get this problem. Tons
of errors from your sendmail saying that the email address does not exist.
Try setting mailscanner to ignore spams instead.

At 11:37 AM 6/13/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Last night I upgraded to 4.21-9 from 4.19 and ever since I get this in my
>maillog every 5 minutes.
>Jun 13 11:16:13 gateway MailScanner[13605]: MailScanner child caught a SIGHUP
>Jun 13 11:16:13 gateway MailScanner[13587]: MailScanner child caught a SIGHUP
>The everything restarts. I'm not losing mail but every 5 minutes sendmail
>is trying to send the 600 spam bounces that are in the out queue.
>In MailScanner.conf is
>Child Processes = 2
>Restart Every = 14400
>That should be every 4 hours?
>Any ideas?
>Brent Strignano
>System Administrator
>Granite Capital Holdings
>Sidney, NY USA

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