Antivirus and licenses

Jeff Falgout jfalgout at CO.JEFFERSON.CO.US
Fri Jun 13 15:13:58 IST 2003

>>> P.G.M.Peters at CIV.UTWENTE.NL 06/13/03 7:44 AM >>>
On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 09:27:29 -0400, you wrote:

>I am recommending to my management that we go with the Linux File
>version.  We do not need to, but we think it is a good compromise.
>What do others think?

I have been working with Sophos, and made the same
mistake about mentioning mail. All the sales rep saw
was dollar signs. They gave me an outrageous price,
but I played the game. I told them that we would have
to redesign the the architecture of our mail relay due to the
prohibitive cost, and that we were looking
at stripping off the attachments and scanning them
with A/V. I presented him with the quotes from other
vendors, and He finally admitted that I would be in
compliance with the Sophos license if I scanned files
as a batch (which is exactly what MailScanner does)
using a server license. The price was 1/5th price of the product they
pitch as a mail scanning solution.



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