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Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Fri Jun 13 15:12:43 IST 2003

Thanks for the tips everyone. I've beat my chest and preach about the disadvantages of autoresponders (it's obtrusive, annoys people, and fills up the postmaster mailbox). However, if the clients want it and the clients pay my salary, what can I do... I even have one client that replies to every message she gets (using a client side rule, of course) telling everyone that she "received their message and will respond shortly." Eek.

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	Nathan Johanson wrote:
	> Off topic, but was hoping I could pick the brains of some of you
	> Sendmail gurus...
	I'm not a sendmail guru but I have an opinion on this! ;-)
	> While I'm not particularly excited about it, a few of our clients want
	> to use vacation auto-responders for email. I did a little research and
	> discovered two different options:
	> - Sendmail's vacation program
	> - Procmail recipe
	I much prefer the procmail solution because it's much more configurable.
	For example, it's a breeze to make procmail only auto-respond to people
	in your domain or to ignore certain Precedence headers or .... That way
	your colleagues don't send confirmations of valid e-mails to spammers
	and don't annoy people on mailing lists! I've also heard stories (but
	they may be just that) of people seeing vacation-type messages, looking
	them up in the phone book and burgling their house.
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