Antivirus and licenses

J. Figueira j.figueira at
Fri Jun 13 10:13:59 IST 2003



I think we are loosing the focus here on the antivirus and the licences. If
possible, I would like someone to clear this up.
This question has been arising for some time, in some posts, but I have
never seen some answer clearing it up.
We use the antivirus to scan e-mail... that's true, but... we are using
mailscanner. In my perspective the license we would need is for a simple
command-line tool. Nothing more! If I buy an Antivirus with sendmail
support, that washes dishes, and takes me coffee ļ etc. etc. I wouldn't be
needing mailscanner. (Of course I would :) it's a very nice piece of
software, I think you get the point). In a strictly technical point of view
this is true. In the legal plan I am not so sure this is true... I think
that the thing here is that when the commercial services of the antivirus
companies hear "mail" and ¡§antivirus¡¨ in the sane sentence, it sounds
like "money" for them¡K If someone could clear this up it would be nice.

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