f-prot's new mailbox licensing model

Furnish, Trever G TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM
Tue Jun 10 16:47:55 IST 2003

Actually, the impression I had was that Rishi may already have antivirus
scanning elsewhere.

Whether he does or not, that's the situation I'm concerned with - I want to
filter spam ONLY, as an incoming relay for a set of destination servers that
already have their own antivirus software installed.

I'm evaluating options at this point, for a spam filter - are there any
features that the mailscanner+spamassassin combo has beyond what
spamassassin has on its own?  I suppose there's really not much point in
this message - I'm going to try mailscanner regardless - but if anyone is of
the oppinion that mailscanner+spamassassin isn't worth the additional effort
versus just spamassassin unless it's used for antivirus stuff, then I'd
appreciate hearing that (even off list).

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> Is this a good idea?
> Also, can it be done?

IMHO The costs of virus scanning (from one of the cheaper vendors) are
considerably less than the impact in terms of support time and lost
productivity or just one mass mailing work getting through (been there, done
that!).  It could also be a difficult decision to justify later!

Even running just Clam (which is free) will help (although they are not
always up to date)

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