Problem with Sophos 3.70 and sophossavi

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jun 10 15:00:05 IST 2003

At 14:22 10/06/2003, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>There appears to be a problem with the most recent Sophos releases and the
>>sophossavi virus scanner.
>>MailScanner will segfault when it first tries to set up the sophossavi
>>The symptom is that MailScanner continually re-forks its child processes so
>>every 10 seconds you will get a notice in your maillog saying the
>>MailScanner is starting up, but no mail will be processed.
>I don't see this with 3.70 on Debian stable. I have the sav.conf file.
>Jun 10 11:48:33 epitaf MailScanner[7114]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus
>Scanner version 4.21-9 starting...
>Jun 10 11:48:41 epitaf MailScanner[7114]: SophosSAVI 3.70 (engine 2.14)
>recognizing 82079 viruses
>Jun 10 11:48:41 epitaf MailScanner[7114]: SophosSAVI using 27 IDE files
>Jun 10 11:48:41 epitaf MailScanner[7114]: Using locktype = flock
>>The workaround is very simple:
>>        rm /etc/sav.conf
>>The next release will include a new Sophos.install script which does this
>>step for you.
>As I also use one of my MailScanner installations of Sophos to provide
>an InterCheck server for my desktops, I might be concerned about an
>action which might break Sophos generally. Having said that though, I
>modify the install script to install InterCheck so maybe I'd just have
>to remember another mod!
>(Btw I see that Sophos.install is no longer a link to either the .linux
>or .solaris versions - is this intensional?)

You'll find it is the same (bar a version number in a comment) as one of
the other files. CVS doesn't seem to know about links :(
Julian Field
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