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Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Jun 6 19:21:13 IST 2003

At 19:08 06/06/2003, you wrote:
> > >
> > >I noticed new messages in my maillog:
> > >Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam 
> messages
> > >Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Cannot match against 
> destination
> > >IP address when resolving configuration option "spamactions"
> > >Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Spam Actions: message
> > >h56FSUX31319 actions are xxx at,forward,deliver
> > >
> > >Can I do anything about the destination IP unresolved?  It used the
> > >default rule, which is what I expected.
> >
> > You don't know the destination IP address until *after* you have actually
> > delivered the message. It all depends on what MX hosts are available on 
> the
> > destination site. So you cannot match against it.
>I'm not sure I understand what you said.  Is it that what I am trying to
>do is doomed to fail every time?
>This is what I use:
>Spam Actions = /etc/MailScanner/rules/spam.action.rules
>To: 132.210.  attachment deliver forward xxx at
>To: /^206\.167\.186\.[012346]\./   attachment deliver forward 
>xxx at
>To: 206.167.185.  attachment deliver forward xxx at

You fundamentally cannot do that. I don't know the MX host until the mail 
is delivered (by the MTA), so I have absolutely no way of predicting the IP 
address of the best available MX.

Even checking that *all* the MX hosts for this domain are within this range 
requires a hell of a lot of work on MailScanner's part. It would need to 
"dig" for every MX host to get its IP address and then check every single 
one against the spec you had allowed. And as you have specified the 
"deliver" action, then every MX host of every domain of every recipient of 
the message would have to be checked. That would take ages to do.

Sorry, but mail delivery is very deliberately unrelated to IP address.

>To: *  attachment deliver forward xxx at
>FromOrTo: Default  deliver forward xxx at
>Basically I just want to deliver spam as an attachment (with my custom
>explanation of how to forward the message to us if it was misidentified)
>if the destination is local.  I don't want external people to get my
>message about how to train SA.
>Thanks again!
>Denis Beauchemin, analyste
>Université de Sherbrooke, S.T.I.
>T: 819.821.8000x2252 F: 819.821.8045

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