ZMailer and MailScanner--a little problem (+one little suggestion :P).

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Fri Jun 6 15:46:12 IST 2003

El 6 Jun 2003 a las 16:29, Artur Meski escribió:

>       Mariano Absatz <mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR> writes:
> > Congrats!!! AFAIK you're user #2 of MailScanner+ZMailer (user #1 being me)
> Sirat : so I`m user #3 ;8]
> Sirat : you may tell it him
> So... he is #3.  The number of users is growing. ;)
We're crowds right now! :-P

> > Please, let me know it everything goes OK.
> Ok, it works. :)

> I also asked about privileges of MailScanner.  It was a stupid
> question, as I found out later (I put a comment at the end of line:
> 'Run As User = nonprivilegeduser  # Comment about that setting' so I
> couldn't get it to work--now it works fine). ;)
> But!  Are you using MailScanner running as an unprivileged user?  How?
> My MS is currently running as a 'daemon' user with a little changes in
> the source code.  I don't know whether it's ok, so I would like to
> consult it...
I didn't see your previous question about nonprvileged user... actually I 
only run it as root... ZMailer usually runs as root and postoffice 
permissions only allows root to mess around there.

I never run zmailer as non-root... is that possible? I guess that if it is 
so, using the same user for zmailer and MailScanner should be possible (in 
fact, I guess it should be necessary). You should check permissions on 
MailScanner temporary directories, but that should be it.

Mariano Absatz
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