mcafee & bugbear.b

Francesco Rotondo f.rotondo at TESEO.IT
Fri Jun 6 10:42:34 IST 2003


> Hello,
> We've been blocking Bugbear.B since yesterday although as usual Mcafee
> appears to be slow in releasing their DATs.   However I've noticed that
> every now and then mailscanner is blocking emails that have double
> extension attachments which look suspiciously like Bugbear.b but it is
> not picked up as Bugbear.B.  I've tried scanning the quarantined
> attachment again with the latest DAT but again no virus is detected.  Is
> this a different variant or is there a another problem.  Has anyone else
> using mcafee noticed this?
Even Sophos is not catching some viruses blocked because of the filename
rules (thanks MS).
It should be a variant of some old virus or maybe of the Bugbear itself as
it is polymorphic.


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