Ricardo ricardo at MAC.ZA.NET
Fri Jun 6 10:08:08 IST 2003

I've done that already :-|

Weird that when I do ...

root at mail:/home/ricardo# /usr/exim/bin/exim
Exim is a Mail Transfer Agent. It is normally called by Mail User Agents,
not directly from a shell command line. Options and/or arguments control
what it does when called. For a list of options, see the Exim documentation.

... I get a result

Why would it accept the specification for "sendmail" and not "sendmail2"
even though they're referencing the same bin?


> How about you try
> Sendmail2 = /usr/exim/bin/exim-4.14-2 -C /usr/exim/configure.out
> ?

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