Specific MailScanner & Postfix points

Fri Jun 6 08:53:50 IST 2003

Hopefully someone knows how to do some of this simply or can point me
in the right

I am trying to accomplish the following with MailScanner & postfix:

1. At the moment I am quarantining messages tagged as spam by MailScanner,
but not within MailScanner - ie - I have another MTA behind MailScanner
that checks headers MailScanner inserts to find out if messages are spam
or not. Spam messages are quarantined. The problem with this quarantine is
that it becomes excessively slow when many messages have been quarantined
and the other problem is that deleting the spam in the quarantine and
finding the few false positives is unbelievably time consuming. The
biggest problem is that it is not always simple to tell whether a message
is spam based on it's sender, recipient & subject line - often it is, but
there are enough messages that have to be individually opened to make this
a real chore. The idea I had was maybe someone knows of something else I
can put directly behind MailScanner that would create a web-based
quarantine perhaps that in addition to showing sender, recipient &
subject, perhaps it also intelligently extracts relevant text from each
message. This would drastically speed up determining what is and isn't
spam, would facilitate whitelisting the false positives, etc.

2. Set up a list of destination addresses that I want rejected during the
connection - ie - I don't want any mail accepted for these addresses. Note
that the "only accept known addresses" feature is not workable for this.

3. I would like to be able to do a degree of customized actions on
messages based on header contents. For instance, I would like to forward a
copy of all mail going to certain email addresses in some cases, and in
other cases, forward a copy of mail to certain addresses but only those
that match a certain subject line. Maybe mail archiving tools is the way
to do this, I'm not sure.

I'm mid going through various docs and how-tos, etc but I'm hoping
someone has suggestions, on this.



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