MailScanner cron job?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jun 4 22:52:40 IST 2003


> On my system, I started using MailScanner yesterday...  Seemed to work ok
> for a while... Server load w/o is .60 - .80...  After starting it,
> activating the cron and restarting sendmail for and queue... load
> jumped to 1.2-1.7... still acceptable... Only scanning for virii...
> SpamAssassin is running through procmail for individual users with
> spamc/spamd since system wide scanning on this machine nearly killed it in
> the past...

What kind of box, how many mails/day how much ram, what other
applications are running. Please provide a little more info...

> I run a few mail-list discussion groups here and the list management
> software scans for virii, so they don't really need it... just the normal
> users...


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