MailScanner cron job?

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Wed Jun 4 19:12:10 IST 2003

Tony Finch <mailto:dot at DOTAT.AT> wrote:

> You probably have a Max Children setting that's too high. Unlike
> Apache (whose child worker processes don't do anything when the
> machine is idle, and will happily page out), MailScanner is
> continuously active scanning the incoming queue for new messages.
> Also unlike Apache, MailScanner's child processes are big and don't
> share much of their memory -- on my setup each child uses 20MB. I
> would run with Max Children = 2 on your machine. 

In fact I've moved it down to 1 and everything has quieted down now (actually it quieted down yesterday around 3pm). I think maybe that was the problem as it was the only significant change I made.


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