Attachment feature in MailScanner 4.21-9

Stephen Swaney Steve at
Wed Jun 4 14:52:26 IST 2003

It's in MailScanner.conf

# This is a list of actions to take when a message is spam.
# It can be any combination of the following:
#    deliver                 - deliver the message as normal
#    delete                  - delete the message
#    store                   - store the message in the quarantine
#    bounce                  - send a rejection message back to the
#    forward user at - forward a copy of the message to
user at
#    striphtml               - convert all in-line HTML content to plain
#                              You need to specify "deliver" as well for
#                              message to reach the original recipient.
#    attachment              - Convert the original message into an
#                              of the message. This means the user has
to take
#                              an extra step to open the spam, and stops
#                              bugs" very effectively.
# Note that the bounce message is created in such a way as to stop it
# bouncing back to your site.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
#Spam Actions = store forward anonymous at bounce

Spam Actions = attachment deliver

Just configure the Spam Actions as shown above

Works like a charm.


On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 09:38, rgrignon at INPHACT.COM wrote:

> Where was the option to turn that on. I was reading about it but
> didn't notice the change in the config file.
> Thanks,
> Rob
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>         Subject: Attachment feature in MailScanner 4.21-9
>         If you haven't tried the attachment feature in the latest
>         version of MailScanner - DO!
>         Our users love it. No more nasty images or offensive messages.
>         It's nice to get some kudos from the users for a change.
>         It's believe it's worth an upgrade just for this feature. My
>         upgrades to RH 7 and RH 8 and RH 9 systems were absolutely
>         painless. This doesn't mean you shouldn't test first, just
>         that the updates on my systems went well.
>         Steve
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