Different per user actions on single e-mail with multiple recipients?

Nik Conwell nik at BU.EDU
Tue Jun 3 16:45:13 IST 2003

Question: does MailScanner have the infrastructure to handle different
operations at the user level on the same piece of e-mail?

Say the server gets a single piece of e-mail with 2 recipients, can recipient1
have a different threshold and tagging than recipient2?  If recipient1 has a
threshold that tags the e-mail as spam (and changes the subject), but recipient2
doesn't, this would require the qf/df pair (sendmail environment) to be cloned,
one for recipient1 (which would have the subject changed) and another for
recipient2 (subject left alone).

I've looked through the source (4.21-9) and it doesn't look like MailScanner can
handle situations like this, but I wanted to double check with the experts.

Thanks for any advice.

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