Exim+MailScanner - not always queuing mail on "in" side

Rasmus Bøg Hansen moffelist at AMAGERKOLLEGIET.DK
Tue Jun 3 09:08:37 IST 2003

Tim Bishop <tim-lists at BISHNET.NET> writes:

>> I did have a retry file in the exim.in/db directory - which was
>> causing the bouncing. However, I think I know how this got there.
> And this morning it has magically returned. :/

Mine did too. However there are no addresses in the files.

> I suppose a cron job could deal with this, but I'd prefer a tidier
> solution really.

As per the mailscanner instructions, I have 
"exim_tidydb /var/spool/exim_incoming retry >/dev/null" in
cron.daily. Running these jobs manually make the files appear. Can
they safely be omitted from cron.daily? They do not seem to make any
sense to me, as there should be no database in the incoming queue to
tidy up...


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