SQL Redux

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at LBSLTD.CO.UK
Thu Jul 31 11:18:25 IST 2003


Are you not applying the patches included with the MailWatch tarball to the
original CustomConfig.pm source first then??

The SQLLogging code that comes with MailScanner is totally different to the
SQLLogging code that I wrote to use with MailWatch - The table layouts are
different and I wanted to log directly to the database instead of using the
temporary log files.

If you've not applied these patches - then we've found the problem!


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Chris Trudeau wrote:

>>this is exactly the problem I'm seeing with 4.22.5 on FreeBSD.
> CT:  OK, there seems to be a common thread...I haven't expanded test
> anything other than 4.22-5 or 4.22.1, but the older version I have
> beatifully, so either the logging function in 4.22-1 doesn't have the
> value problem or its addressed differently.  Perhaps I will try
> 4.22-1 or a between version to try and pinpoint where it breaks!

looking at the 4.22.1 code there's quite a big change on the whole SQL
logging setup. Infact the code is radically different.

in 4.22.1 it reads the logfile to get the info required. Slow...

in 4.22.5 it's using the values from the currently processed email to
drive the insert. It's a lot faster, but seems not to translate NULLs
etc very well.


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