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Attached is a diff to that implements this.
You can now have rules that look like this:

To:     /etc/MailScanner/rules/techies.txt      yes

Note that it has to be a full path which starts with "/" and ends in 
something other than "/". The rule will be replicated for all the patterns 
in the techies.txt file, so you could put this in techies.txt

# This is the list of all our tech support staff.
jkf at

Note that the file format is like this:
1) One pattern or address per line. The allowable patterns are the same as 
the normal patterns in any normal ruleset file.
2) Comments start with # and continue until the end of the line.
3) Blank lines are ignored.
4) Leading and trailing white space is ignored.
5) Further filenames can be included, allowing you to nest these files if 
you really need to.
6) If you make a loop by having a file include itself, then you're silly 
and shouldn't do it.

At 17:49 30/07/2003, you wrote:
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> > Ämne: Re: SV: Regarding rules for more then one person
> >
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > > > Whats the use, if you can generate a techies.txt you can also
> > > > generate a script that spits out a rulefile to do this ? or ?
> >
> > > Guess so but since Im not that a great I thought that being able to
> > > use a writing all my co-workers for each rule would be
> > easier..... and
> > > if I need I only need to change in one place. Maybe Im just lazy or
> > > bad at scripting of problems for me. Since the only ppl
> > that would be
> > > added are tech-ppl at use a single file with user for more
> > rules like
> > > filname/filetype.
> >
> > Ask one of those <haha> :)
>Now your being evil  ;)
>Im trying to learn this but prolly never get the hang of it and Im pretty
>sure Im not the only person in the world that sucks at scripting. So if its
>not to difficult I want it on the wish list  :)
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