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Wed Jul 30 14:07:56 IST 2003

At 09:19 30/07/2003, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 29 July 2003 9:11 pm, Greyhair wrote:
> > Will the SuSE mailscanner work on SuSE 8.2?
>         Currently, MailScanner 4.22-5 is running on SuSE 8.2 Professional
> on three
>boxes here without problems, but the following should be noted:
>         1. All OS installs were clean installs, not updates.
>         2. Instructions from the MailScanner website for installing were
> followed.
>         3. Sendmail was used as the MTA - installed in place of postfix
> at install
>         4. Sophos is the AV product, perl is 5.8.0 from the SuSE Disk,
> updated as per
>instructions on installing.
>         5. Spamassassin is installed from the SuSE distibution media (V2.50)

You really don't want to be using SA 2.50 as it has lots of nasty bugs that
were fixed in 2.55. I would replace that as soon as possible, if I were you.

>         6. The rcMailScanner script invariably reports 'failed' when it
> hasn't. -
>check it is running using ps -axf

I'll have to work on that.

>         7. You MUST remove the SuSE Firewall scripts (or allow the right
> ports
>         8. Either set the mail variable in yast2 mail options to allow
> receiving
>external mail, or set it yourself in /etc/sysconfig if you don't use yast2.

I don't consider them to be my problem :-)

>         I think this is all I had to do (apart from the usual scrutiny of
> the conf
>file and set the appropriate settings).
>Hope this helps.

Very helpful, thanks.
I'm going to be working on SuSE 8.2 very soon, so I should be able to get
the "failed" problem fixed.

>Many thanks to all the people on this list - saved my bacon more than once!
>Julian, welcome back!


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