create stat report(s) on spam score stats

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Mon Jul 28 20:23:34 IST 2003


I've just had a good idea (well, *I* think it's a good idea) and I'd
like to survey the list to find out the feasibility of it and

One thing that I've just recently started doing was actually putting the
high-spam score (and it's related action) to use. Right now I have it
set that 9 points and greater get deleted. 4 to <9 get the regular
{Spam?} in the subject.

What I want to do is better decide what the best scores for our business
is. My idea is this. Each time a mail comes through it's spam score is
written to a database (or flat file, or whatever) along with the
recipient (each recipient above one will be treated as a separate email
and therefore get a record of it's own) and the sender.

Then a php page (or your script of choice) could be created to determine
the low spam score and the high spam score. This page would basically
just pull out the records, do some calculations based on the score and
find the average and standard deviations.

Here's why I'm thinking this is a good idea, the only way for me to get
the scores of the emails is by right-clicking them and looking at the
headers by choosing properties (I'm using Outlook 2000). Then I have to
scroll down to the spam score section and read the score.

After doing about 10 emails I can kind of get an idea of what the
average spam score is. Right now, although my high-spam score is at 9, I
think I may be able to move it down to 8. But these numbers don't take
into account other users spam mails. For example my boss gets a lot of

I'm thinking that a legitimate email that gets marked as spam
(false-positive) is most likely NOT going to get into the high-spam
score range.

What would it take to do this? Or more specifically, what would it take
to have a record written to a mysql db for each and every mail?

I will appreciate any/all feedback,

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