f-prot-autoupdate not working

Daniel Tan danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg
Mon Jul 28 04:32:42 IST 2003

i got this email frm cron....its not updating at all...what shld i do?

* F-Prot signature file update script *

There's a new version of:
"Application/Script viruses and Trojans" signatures on the web.
Starting to download...
Download completed.
The files are not identical and therefore, they will
not be installed. This could be caused by downloading
from a mirror which hasn't synced yet with the main
server. (This should not happen)

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Does this mean that f-prot isn't working at all leaving mail unscanned for
virus infections, or just that update is now broken?


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On 26/07/2003 at 4:12 PM Julian Field wrote:

>At 15:58 26/07/2003, you wrote:
>>Something seems wrong with the f-prot-autoupdate. All I get is
>They have screwed up the signature checksums file. The checksum for
>SIGN.DEF has had a "x" added at the front of it. This breaks the update
>procedure as it thinks the checksum is wrong (which it is).
>I can take 2 options:
>1) Ignore the invalid checksum, thereby potentially installing a totally
>broken SIGN.DEF file resulting in a complete failure of scanning
>2) Refuse to install the downloaded SIGN.DEF file due to the bad checksum,
>which means that the updates don't happen totally correctly until F-Prot
>get their checksum file fixed.
>Dangerously, in my opinion, F-Prot themselves take option 1.
>I prefer to take option 2, as it fails a lot more gently. If they can make
>a mistake in the checksums file, they can make mistakes in the SIGN.DEF
>file. I don't want to completely break scanning due to a vendor screw-up.
>I have submitted a tech support query raising this issue with F-Prot
>already, hopefully they will fix it on Monday.
>>FTP address for retrieving files is ftp://us-2.updates.f-prot.com/pub/
>>F-Prot signature file update script
>>There is a new version of SIGN.DEF, starting download.
>>Download completed.
>>Could not find correct version of SIGN.DEF, exiting,
>>Did they screw something up?
>>   JP
>Julian Field
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