Just sops processing

Chris Trudeau ctrudeau at BELLSOUTH.NET
Fri Jul 25 11:04:41 IST 2003

---Ok all,

My test mailscanner application continues to just die...for no reason...

All I see in the logs is postfix continue to spool messages into the
postfix.in queue...and they sit there...I can't pinpoint a timeframe or
sequence of events...but maillog indicates that MailScanner simply just
stops processing mail...

I log into the test server and check processes with a "ps -ef  |  grp
MailScanner and the processes are all there, but there will be 20-50
messages sitting in queues....stopping and restarting is no good...I have to

killall MailScanner

WAIT for the defunct processes to die...

then  run:


Once this happens, it purges queues and runs fine for another "n" amount of

Running MailScanner-4.22-1 with SA, Razor and DCC...all works unbelievably
well (I would compare the accuracy against any application available)
BUT...it keeps bailing on me...ideas are welcome!


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