Client's IP in the sender messages

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Fri Jul 25 01:38:08 IST 2003

At 12:30 AM 7/25/2003 +0100, Michael Forrest wrote:
>address in say the
>A wee snippet from the file would be :-
>   To: $to
>   Date: $date
>   Subject: $subject
>   Originating IP: $clientip
>I had a wee peek through the code and found a variable called $clientip,
>although it doesn't appear to do what I thought it did. All I want is to
>include the ip address of where the message originated.
>Anyone got any thoughts?

Hmm, could you clarify your expectations? Reliably determining the
originating IP of a spam message isn't possible. The only thing you can
reliably determine is who dropped it off at your MX. Is that what you were
looking for?

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