MS with AntiVir

Nejc Skoberne nejc.skoberne at
Thu Jul 24 13:20:11 IST 2003


> Why not get yourself a private non-commercial licence - it's free, and of
> course you're not using a demo product for commercial purposes anyway, are
> you :) ?

We bought licences some time ago. I was quite satisfied with avgated
daemon, but Postfix+MS is better. So we plan to change antivirus
software vendor. In the meanwhile, I would like to use the DEMO version
(although we actually bought the licence for scanning 25 mailboxes -
so noone can sue me - I am just scanning my mailboxes with software I
bought - I don't really care if it says "DEMO" when I am running it,
since I don't do system scans with antivir).

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