Mailscanner corrupting pdf files

Stephen Swaney Steve at
Wed Jul 23 17:36:25 IST 2003

Check the MailScanner email list archives searching for  "pdf corrupt"
in the Archives. Might be something of use.

Steve Swaney
Steve at

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 11:27, Plant, Dean wrote:

> RH 8.0
> Mailscanner 4.21-9
> Spamassassin/dcc/razor2
> F-prot 4.1.1
> A quick description of our mail setup, internal windoze exchange 5.5 server
> with outlook 2000 clients. All incoming and outgoing mail is relayed through
> a Mailscanner server.
> I am having a problem with pdf files corrupting when passing through the
> Mailscanner. If a mail with a pdf attachment is sent from one of our
> clients, MS exchange encodes the message as either base64 or
> quoted-printable format. All messages that are encoded as base64 pass
> through the MailScanner correctly. Quoted-printable format mails have the
> attachment corrupted. Turning off virus checks on Mailscanner allows the
> quoted-printable mails to pass through without corruption, so I assume it
> has something to do with:
> 1. Perl Mime::tools - Is this decoding / encoding the attachment correctly?
> 2. MS Exchange - Why encode some pdf's as base64 and some as
> quoted-printable
> 3. Different versions/creators of pdf files.
> Has anyone else suffered from this problem or does anyone have a suggestion
> as a fix.
> Thanks
> Dean Plant
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