Vexing problem

Thomas DuVally thomas_duvally at BROWN.EDU
Tue Jul 22 19:35:22 IST 2003

I recently upgraded both SA (2.55) and MS (4-20.3). I am running it in
parallel to one of the older versions (2.43/4-10).

I process about 70-100k per system per day. Each machine is otherwise
identical and getting the same number and types of messages (equally
weighted MX)

Everyday around peak time the upgraded system starts to get backed up.
The incoming queue goes from a normal 2-4 message count up to 1000+.

Restarting MS will begin clearing this out.

Question:  Is there a possible memory issue with eith MS or SA I should
be aware of?  I've got it trimmed down pretty good with no bayes or RBLS
and only incoming messages content checked.

Specs:  Solaris 9
        UltraSparc III+
        2 CPU
        4G mem
        Perl 5.8

If I can't figure this out I may have to downgrade.
Thomas J. DuVally
Lead Systems Prog.
CIS, Brown Univ.

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