SA only scores 0

Thomas Chamtieh tchamtieh at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 22 16:57:10 IST 2003

I've had the same problem. I un-installed SpamAssassin completely including the tools and all then re-installed it again. All worked perfect after that.


Steve Hitchman <srhitch at MECHENG1.UWATERLOO.CA> wrote:
Yes. I have set Use SpamAssassin=yes.

The "SpamAssassin (score=0,required 5)" message shows up in the header
of all delivered mail. Does that not mean the MS has used or attempted
to use SA?

Steve Hitchman
University of Waterloo
Dept of Mechanical Engineering

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Have you set:

Use SpamAssassin = yes

in MailScanner.conf?

Also I believe that SpamAssasssin 2.60 is still pre-relaease. Still it
should work.

Steve at

On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 10:17, Steve Hitchman wrote:
Hello all,

I have recently upgraded from ver3.x to ver4.22(Sophos/Solaris 7). Seems
to be working great! I have not been running Spamassassin in the past. I
installed SA 2.60. Within MS I get nothing but "SpamAssassin (score=0,
required 5)" on all messages including spam that detects as spam when
piped to "spamassassin".


Steve Hitchman
University of Waterloo
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Ontario, Canada

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