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Txs Mariano, i will follow your sugestions... ;-).

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Yes, you can delete the old dat directories.

There's no "frequency" to do this, you should do it when you're sure the
newer dat has no problems.

I think of two different schemes:

1) You could delete the old directory(ies) after 2 or 3 days passed from the
last update if nothing went wrong (every now and then there can be updates
that are broken, though they're usually followed by a newer update fixing

2) You could manage to keep, for instance, the current dat directory plus
or two old ones, regardless of time.

El 22 Jul 2003 a las 10:09, Rodrigo Scarano escribió:

> Hello all
> I use MS with McAfee and I have a simple question.
> The auto-update-script creates a new directory for the new dat (when it's
> find one on ftp) and keep the old dats for backup. I thing I can delete
> some frequency this old Dat directories. Is thar correct ???
> Regards,
> Rodrigo Scarano
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> rscarano at

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