Attachment vs Striphtml for tagged messages

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I see nobody replied yet, I only have a partial answer.

See my comments inline.

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Quentin Campbell wrote:

> We are running with the latest MailScanner (and SpamAssassin) releases
> and are evaluating with a small group of users the use of the
> "attachment" option for messages tagged as spam. The rest of our users
> see the "striphtml" behaviour.
> We expected that only spam messages with an HTML body would have the
> original body moved into an attachment while spam messages with a
> non-HTML body would be left as they were.

As far as i know this is as designed, next to protection against "web
bugs" / images with a unique identifier etc, etc It also protects the
users against trash and sexist talk etc etc. Imho a good move. but off
course your milage may vary.

> We are finding that _most_ tagged spam messages, even when they appear
> to have no HTML, have the message body moved to an attachment. A few
> tagged messages however do not have the body moved into an attachment
> but these messages appear to be no different to some that do have the
> body moved into an attachment.

As MailScanner doesn't copy messages if they have multiple receipients it
takes only one rule on what action to take. (I seem to remeber it's the
first rule, but i'm not sure.) You might want to check the messages where
the body isn't an attachment if they where send to multiple receipients on
SMTP level. (So not only the body).

> What criteria decides which tagged message has its body moved unchanged
> into an attachment (and the body replaced with a warning text) and which
> has its body left as received?
See my reasons above, but i'm not julian ;-))

> As a BTW we note that the "attachment" option works well with Outlook,
> Pine, Pegasus, etc, but in the case of Eudora the attachment is opened
> automatically when the message body is read. This is precisely the
> opposite of what is wanted. It may well be a configurable behaviour on
> Eudora but we havn't found the option yet!

Maybe you can help me here, i can't see to get pine to leave the attached
message as it, it display the attachment here after the MailScanner
notice. What option did you use to disable the behaviour to display the
message inline?

Hope it helps.

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