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I use Allow IFrame Tags = yes and Allow Object Codebase Tags = yes, but the
line Convert Dangerous HTML To Text is set to yes. I guess i'm secure with


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Hi everyone,

I have upgraded MS to 4.22-5 last week, and selected to block messages
containing form tags. I am quite puzzled to see how many messages we
have stopped because of that. It seems that a lot of genuine mail is
coming with those form tags, e.g. from medical /scientific abstract

I haven't got a clue how dangerous can these forms be. Should I
continue stopping these messages? I noticed that a few services seem to
know that their messages are likely to be stopped, they have the
following line in plain text at the top of the message:
""If you cannot view this email, please copy and paste the following
link into your browser:""

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions.


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