bayes_journal file size

Steve Douglas steve.douglas at SBIINCORPORATED.COM
Mon Jul 21 15:49:55 IST 2003

Thank you.  I did locate the bayes_journal finally.  Mine is in no way too
big.  I am at 10.3 mb.  So I would presume my SPAM gateway is not passing
anywhere near as much as traffic compared to others I have read about.  Even
though this is the case, is still a good ideas to perform the auto-learn
feature every now and then?

If so, should I stop MailScanner prior to performing this?  Thanks for the


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> >"~" is "current user's home directory", so if you're logged in as root,
> then
> >~/.spamassassin is the .spamassassin directory under root's home
> directory.
> It doesn't refer to the user you are logged into but to the user MS is
> running as. Yes, usually root but to be save something else.
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