.bad files continued

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Sun Jul 20 06:43:59 IST 2003

On Thursday, Jul 17, 2003, at 14:42 US/Pacific, Kevin Spicer wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 22:14, Boulytchev, Vasiliy wrote:
>> Ladies and Gents,
>>    cgp2ms is adding RPFD to the recipients line.  Why its doing that,
>> I have no clue.  Another thing that is bazaar, is I have a few domains
>> working with no problems, its just this one.........  It does have a
>> route rule in Communigate, but how would that affect
>> anything......................  If I take those stupid RPFD: out from
>> those .bad files, and copy them to .sub, communigate pushes the files.
> Perhaps you should try a mailing list for communicate users?  This
> doesn't sound like any symptom I've seen anyone report on this list -
> so
> its probably a Communigate issue.  You could try ruling out MailScanner
> by taking it out of the mix temporarily.

It's related to the glue scripts I wrote between CommuniGate Pro and
MailScanner.  IIRC, it's caused when MailScanner is generating its own
messages.  I have a fix for it that I'm putting out in the next couple

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