outbound mail stuck ... in wrong directory

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Thu Jul 17 23:38:49 IST 2003

Hi everyone,

Just when I approach "spam nirvana" I keep hitting speedbumps.Thanks to this list, you guys keep helping me get over them. Thanks.

I have RedHat 7.3 with multiple virtual domains set up. Incoming mail works great...and Mailscanner is catching virtually all the spam that arrives at the system. Sendmail and Procmail are handling mail.

I have 1 remaining problem (so far):

When MailScanner is running, outbound mail is getting placed in the incorrect directory on the hard disk. 

Specifically, the outbound mail should (I think) be going into /var/spool/mqueue, but it's going to /home/virtual/site2/fst/ instead...and there's nothing to move it from there to the outbound queue.

What's the fix for this? ...I'm pulling out what little hair I have.


PS - I asked a similar question a couple of days ago...but most of my incoming mail got shredded. If you answered it before...please re-answer. Thanks.
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