is the list going crazy or is it me?

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Fri Jul 18 17:08:48 IST 2003

I've sent 3 emails to the list today, and 2 times have received this
warning email back:

> Your message  is being returned to  you unprocessed because it  appears to have
> already  been distributed  to the  MAILSCANNER list.  That is,  a message  with
> identical text  (but possibly with different  mail headers) has been  posted to
> the list recently, either by you or by  someone else. If you have a good reason
> to resend this message to the list (for instance because you have been notified
> of a hardware failure with loss of  data), please alter the text of the message
> in some way and  resend it to the list. Note that  altering the "Subject:" line
> or adding blank  lines at the top  or bottom of the message  is not sufficient;
> you should  instead add a  sentence or  two at the  top explaining why  you are
> resending the  message, so that the  other subscribers understand why  they are
> getting two copies of the same message.

I only sent one copy of each email, and messages are being posted to the
list AFAIK.


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