MailScanner/Sendmail + Mailman?

Matt Laney mdlaney at
Thu Jul 17 14:00:06 IST 2003

> Anyone running Mailman on the same server that is running MailScanner
> with Sendmail?

Yep:  MailScanner 4.22-5, sendmail 8.12.something, GNU Mailman
2.0.something.  Works great.

> The Mailman readme wants you to configure the and make some
> changes. I don't want to mess up my functioning MailScanner server.

I ran through the Mailman docs just now and didn't see any required
changes to, rather a couple aliases to enter and a smrsh
change ( cd /usr/adm/sm.bin && ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper . ).

What did it ask you to do?  (Perhaps I have an old version that doesn't
require whatever this is.)

> Right now it doesn't seem to deliver mail.

Can you tell from your sendmail logs or from the mailman data/ and qfiles/
and logs/ directories how far along the delivery process is going?
Is the mail getting to mailman?  If so, is it being sent out (by the
cron job, qrunner, I believe)?


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