A Few Messages are 'whitelisted' even with auto-whitelist off

Brady A. Tucker batucker at ICNET.NET
Thu Jul 17 01:04:05 IST 2003


I have not whitelisted my own domains/virtual domains in their entirety..
only those individual users (gluttons) that wish to receive their full and
unfiltered share of SPAM,  and a few mailing lists.

However,  I did in fact  find a resolutions for what was causing it,  I had
'FROM:' whitelisted my own address at some point for some reason,  so when
the return/to address was faked with my own, and whitelisted address,  it
was of course accepted/delivered as whitelisted.  Thanks for helping to
point this out in a round-about way.

I had completely forgotten that I had whitelisted my own address,  I have NO
idea why I did this, so perhaps this will help the other people having
difficulties with this as well.

                                      Brady A. Tucker
                                      Internet Complete! inc.

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On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 04:38, Brady A. Tucker wrote:

>I have some messages getting through that say they are whitelisted,
>they are not.    I'm not sure when this started as I'm just now looking

Have you whitlisted you own domains (by name)? - many spammers use your
own address as the envelope from address (this doesn't appear in the
headers, but may be in your maillog).  Note that the whitelist in the
header you posted is a MailScanner whitelist (spam.whitelist.rules) not
a SpamAssassin whitelist (which would give it a negative score).  If you
have whitelisted your domains by name change spam.whitelist.rules to
whitelist your domain's mail servers by IP instead (alternativly
whitelist your entire IP range if thats easier).

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