outbound mail gets stuck when MailScanner running

Daniel Tan danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg
Tue Jul 15 08:11:45 IST 2003

i am not an expert but i think you can try not switching on mailscanner and
try only with sendmail....

service MailScanner off
service sendmail off (just to make sure)
service sendmail on
try sending mails again with mailscanner...see if it gets through....if yes,
switch on mailscanner and then check the log file..very helpful...

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  Subject: outbound mail gets stuck when MailScanner running

  I've done extensive testing and now understand what's going on...but I
don't know how to fix it.

  When MailScanner is running, all mail sent from any of the user accounts
(on my virtual domains), will get stuck on the server. In fact, it doesn't
even go into a queue directory anywhere. Each time a message is sent, it
just sits in the root of the virtual directory from which it came from.

  When MailScanner is running, each time I attempt to send a message I get
two new files in /home/virtual/fractalweb.com (which would be the root
directory for the virtual domain when it's chrooted). One file always starts
with a "d" and the other a "q"; the rest of the file name is the same.

  My last test generated these:
  -rw-------    1 root     root            3 Jul 14 19:54 dfh6F2sot32240
  -rw-------    1 root     root         1040 Jul 14 19:54 qfh6F2sot32240

  If I copy these files to (the real) /var/spool/mqueue and type
"sendmail -q" then they're actually sent out. Otherwise, they just sit there
and collect dust.

  Incoming mail from the outside (my server) world works great.

  My guess is there is some sort of config file somewhere that needs a good
tweak. Problem is...I'm stuck again and I need help.

  "Help please." :-)

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