SV: Regarding striphtml....

Anders Andersson, IT andersan at LTKALMAR.SE
Fri Jul 11 09:55:16 IST 2003

> -----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
> Från: Spicer, Kevin [mailto:Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK] 
> Skickat: den 11 juli 2003 10:52
> Ämne: Re: Regarding striphtml....
> > I its not spam dont that mean that it shouldnt do a "striphtml" or 
> > could it be because the size was to big. I guess the 
> solution should 
> > be to whitelist microsoft mail then?
> > 
> Maybe you are stripping html if it finds iframe/ 
> object-codebase or form content?  (the convert dangerous html 
> to text option)

Thanks, checked config and  
Convert Dangerous HTML To Text = yes
Damn, I was hoping not to have to start using rules to keep it as simple
as possible but I guess I might have to go there...

Thanks again

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