MS Performance

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Fri Jul 11 07:43:38 IST 2003

>I am processing around 600.000 messages on two dual xeon machines, daily,
>with peaks to 800.000-1.000.000 daily. I think MS is doing just fine :)
>Most of the time its a matter of the test setup also that is limiting the
>figures. Also some tweaking on the machines wont harm...

What MTA are you using? I recall an earlier post by Julian where he tested
exim vs sendmail on one of his test machines, getting 3 times the
throughput with exim.

I'm interested in what kind of performance people are getting with sendmail
and MS. I'm about to design a system built on redhat and sendmail which
will handle lots of relaying (500k-1mil email daily approx)

I'd rather use sendmail but if the performance gain with exim really is 3
to 1 that might be the road we haveto take.

regards, Tony

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