Virus Update Scripts with Timeouts

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Jul 11 00:30:30 IST 2003


> I use both F-Prot and ClamAV with MailScanner.  There are scripts for each
> of these virus scanners which by default are run hourly to check for new
> virus definition files.  Unfortunately, if the script is unable to
> complete then MailScanner will cease processing mail until the problem is
> corrected.  Mail still is received but nothing is scanned and processed
> for delivery.
> I have modified the two update scripts to add a timeout (default=15sec).
> If the script has not completed the connection to the download site before
> the timeout the script is aborted and MailScanner is given back control.

Once you get back, could you adopt this for the other update scripts also ?


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