User specific "Spam Actions"

Dene Ulmschneider dene at DATATECHIE.COM
Wed Jul 9 15:57:00 IST 2003

OK - let's say that there are 2 users called joe at and
jane at

What if Joe wants to delete mail form and jane wants to accept
it? Is that possible and if so - how could that be accomplished?

Also, my original questions was more towards setting that spam action rule
for the "SPAM" and "HIGH SPAM" which is determined by the spam count. In
the MailScanner.conf file - there are settings for spam and high spam and
what should be done with them (but it is a site wide setting).

Is it possible for Joe to deliver spam and delete high spam while jane can
delete all emails that are scored and spam and high spam (probable spam and
definite spam)?

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At 09:54 AM 7/9/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Example spam.actions.conf
>To:     postmaster at striphtml forward abc at
>To:     *         delete
>From:   *              delete
>From:   *             delete
>From:   *    delete
>From:   *     delete
>From:   *     delete
>From:   *       delete
>Although I am wonderng if the  * is necessary ?
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>Hello all-
>I am running RHL 7.3 and MS version 4.14-9 and Sendmail.
>I am trying to setup user specific "Spam Actions" and could use a little
>help. I know that the spam action setting can point to a file with rule
>sets in it but I am not clear on the format of the file.
>Can anyone help me out with the format of the file? If a user wants to
>delete spam and high spam - what should the file look like?
>Does anyone have a sample file that they can forward to give me a better
>idea on how to set this up??
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