MailScanner not removing virus even though it was found?

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at
Wed Jul 9 15:07:54 IST 2003

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 08:37:01 -0500, you wrote:

>The only thing that catches my eye is that you have:
>Silent Viruses =
>defined twice.  I set my Silent Viruses = none in my config file because I
>want to know when a virus is found.  I also have

I didn't see that line twice.

>Still Deliver Silent Viruses = yes

If you define silent viruses and still deliver them, you will be
notified. But if your don't define silent viruses the (forged) sender
gets the message he sent a virus (which isn't true).

>-----Original Message-----
>Here is some of the configurations, if this helps:
>% grep -v "^#" MailScanner.conf | egrep "Virus|Deliver"
>Deliver Unparsable TNEF = no
>Virus Scanning = yes
>Virus Scanners = mcafee
>Virus Scanner Timeout = 300
>Deliver Disinfected Files = yes
>Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame Klez Yaha-E Bugbear Braid-A WinEvar Palyh Sobig
>Fizzer Still Deliver Silent Viruses = yes

??? something went wrong with your reply?

>Deleted Virus Message Report        = %report-dir%/deleted.virus.message.txt
>Stored Virus Message Report        = %report-dir%/stored.virus.message.txt
>Sender Virus Report        = %report-dir%/
>Deliver Cleaned Messages = yes
>Virus Modify Subject = yes
>Virus Subject Text = {Virus?}
>Attachment Warning Filename = VirusWarning.txt
>Virus Scanner Definitions = %etc-dir%/virus.scanners.conf Deliver In
>Background = yes Delivery Method = batch

Perhaps your mailclient played tricks on you.

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