F-prot auto updates ...

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 9 12:38:19 IST 2003


> >Ok, thanks. Then i know its not just me :)

> I only noticed a backlog yesterday 20:00 (GMT +2).
> Checking my log I can't see anything strange at that time. I do see an
> entry "Jul  7 19:02:13 netlx014 F-Prot autoupdate[7265]: F-Prot
> successfully updated." So it took just over 2 minutes to update my
> systems.
> Going back in my logs I noticed it normally takes 10 to 15 seconds to
> update F-Prot. But I don't think 2 minutes is that much of a problem
> when I update F-Prot.

A little later this was fixed. Most likely due to network or system
problems @f-prot. It was also depending on what machine in their load
balanced cluster you were ending. So i guess one or two boxes that would
not do the right things :)

All seems fixed now indeed btw.


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